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Laboratori Eudermica: a dream come true

Laboratori Eudermica was born ten years ago, in September 2012, with a great goal: to create value and beauty at 360 degrees in our wonderful island: Sardinia. All that Eudermica Laboratories are today would not exist without Stefania, the cosmetologist and founder of the company.

The laboratory, with the research and development part and the production part, is today located in the splendid scenery of the Porto Conte Park, within the Capo Caccia-Isola Piana marine protected area, in the north-west of the island. Here all the company's cosmetics are conceived, formulated and created by a team of women, inspired by the colors and scents of a fascinating and proud land.

Those of Eudermica Laboratories are in fact all natural cosmetics, based on eco-sustainable and innovative formulations, in full respect of the skin and the environment. The Sardinian Mediterranean maquis is very rich in endemic medicinal plants that have always been used in popular tradition; but only through recent research has it been possible to verify their phytocosmetic properties and why our ancestors used them with considerable success in daily use.

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Producing natural cosmetics based on Sardinian medicinal plants and preserving the environment. This is what we do.

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What does your skin need?

Normal, dry, oily or mixed, each of us has our own skin type and for each woman we have studied the best beauty routine to make our cosmetics more effective and functional.

The cosmetologists of Laboratori Eudermica are close to you and always advise you on the best. Whatever your skin type, we have the right products for you. Choose from the beauty routines we have defined for you.