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Fidela and Bortigalesa

Tradition, one more quality.

The Milia family was born as a family of small farmers, who with hard work, in two generations managed to become first excellent traders and then great entrepreneurs, without ever losing the tradition of their country and the nature of their region as a point of reference.

The Milia company nowadays manages the entire supply chain and is able to guarantee a great quality path: starting from grazing, to the production of feed, to fattening, up to slaughtering and processing.

The activity is based on two fundamental pillars: animal welfare and research.

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Respect for animals is the basis for guaranteeing great quality

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Fidela and Bortigalesa

Rispetto per la natura Rispetto per la natura

Bortigalesa: tradition becomes art

In the heart of the Marghine area, the Milia family has been able to connect past and present, in a reality that looks to the future. The goal is to drive the entire economy of the area, with a sense of family, respect and love for the land and traditions.

Milia passione allevamento

Passion for farming

Respect for animals is the basis for guaranteeing great quality. A careful selection of the breeds allows you to make the most of the earth's resources and maintain the traditional flavours.