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Grapes in the fall

The return to the earth: the privilege of a choice

Two words are enough to summarize our corporate philosophy: belonging and respect. Belonging to that microcosm of which Nuragus is the centre: a small village, dedicated to agriculture and pastoralism, in the heart of the Sarcidano, characterized by those crops - olive trees, vines, grazing and forage - which shape the landscape.

Hills flooded by the sun and crossed by the mistral and sirocco winds. Soils rich in skeleton or loose sands which still allow the vines to develop deep roots very slowly.

No water support, no chemical fertilizers, no chemical weeding, only frequent mechanical and manual work. The varietal choice was to use only native vines grafted in the field. The vines are pruned according to the Simonit & Sirch method and the grapes are harvested manually in boxes of approx. 20 kg and immediately start the fermentation.

Absolute respect for the ancient winemaking tradition of the area, for its sustainable development and for family farming, demonstrated by Stefano Soi who has decided to return to his native places to continue his life path with a new philosophy.

Uva in autunno
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In the line of a circle that closes is the spiral of a vine branch

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Grapes in the fall

Soi i vini di agricola soi Soi i vini di agricola soi

The wines of Agricola SOI

Five elegant and particular wines are born in Agricola SOI in which the mineral and Mediterranean essence characteristic of the hilly areas from which they come stands out.

Amore per le vigne soi

The love for the vineyards

The love for the vineyards and for his land has never failed even in the years of estrangement from Sardinia - Innsbruck, Venice, Padua - and led Stefano, with the fraternal advice and spurs of Angelo Angioi and Gilberto Arru, to carry out the project of his own winery.